Thinking of putting your business online but wondering how to start?  Online stores will provide a way to boost your company’s sale and will keep your operating cost down compared to having a brick and mortar presence.  We can help you setup your starter online store and grow from there.   An online store can operate 24 hours a day in a cost effective way.  You don’t need employees to work around the clock, on weekends, or on holidays.  A good online store perform the work of several employees, for a fraction of the price.

We charge a minimum of $800.00 for an eCommerce website.  This will provide you a starter online site with up to 5 items or products displayed for sale. If you have more items for sale, you can update your store yourself or we can manage them for you.  Please contact us to tell us how we can help.

We can also create a static website for your Company to establish your presence on the web.   Minimum charge of $800 for a maximum of 5 pages.  You will be responsible for the web hosting service and domain registration or we can do it for you.  Call now and start making your business known to the world.

Thank you for your business.